Fastitocalon - Studies in Fantasticism Ancient to Modern

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The original idea for starting a new journal goes back to the year 2010 when the two editors-in-chief were working together on a volume on dragons in literature. They deplored the lack of a journal that aims at promoting a deeper understanding of the phenomenon of fantasticism across the ages. In order to remedy this situation, they decided to try and establish a series whose individual issues focus either on important authors and/or works in this field (e.g. Hoffmann, Poe, Tolkien, Maupassant, Dunsany) or on specific topics relevant to fantasticism (e.g. the supernatural, the transcendental, the monstrous). The WVT (Wissenschaftlicher Verlag Trier / 'Scholarly Publications Trier') graciously agreed to give the new journal a home and work began in close exchange with an international Board of Advisors whose members act as peer-reviewers for abstracts and papers.

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... review of the first issue of Fastitocalon (text/pdf). An online version can be found here (Mythopoeic Society).

... review of the fourth issue of Fastitocalon (text/pdf).

Most Recent Publication

Fastitocalon V (2015) 'New Trends in Magic Realism' (volume editors Doreen Triebel and Dirk Vanderbeke). Click here for the table of contents and the introduction (text/pdf).


Fastitocalon VI (2016) 'Fantastic Animals, Animals in the Fantastic' (volume editors Oliver Bidlo, Thomas Honegger and Frank Weinreich). See call for papers (text/pdf).

Call for Papers for a volume on Subcreation: Worldbuilding in the Fantastic (text/pdf).